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How to be a Successful Health Care Administrator

Health care managers often called health care administrators have the onerous responsibility of managing a health care facility. This is perhaps more crucial as a service sector than others because it entails care of the sick and the ill. While in any other business, bad management might lead to a closure of business only with no physical effects, bad hospital management means poor patient care, something that is not acceptable at all. Hence it is essential that a health care administrator is fully trained in this profession and has exceptional management qualities.

What then are the attributes that will make you an excellent health care administrator?

  • Be transparent in actions and accountable – You have to closely coordinate internally with doctors and health care professionals and the administrative staff as well as external public such as patients. Further you are also answerable to board members for proper implementation of policies, procedures and board decisions. Hence you have to be open and honest in your intentions and interactions with everybody and have the nerve to stand up and be accountable in case of any error in judgement or action.
  • Foster teamwork – Any organisation where every employee and staff regardless of cadre and status does not pull together is bound to fail. So is the case of a health care centre with its wide variance in staff patterns and responsibilities. Health care managers depend on department heads and supervisors to implement policy decisions. Hence you should coordinate with all heads of various operations and make sure that each is functioning on well oiled wheels. Fostering teamwork should be at the core of your activities.
  • Hire the best possible staff – You will be responsible for hiring clerical and management staff as well as medical professionals at various levels. It is necessary that apart from qualification and experience, you should also look for people who have a past track record of successfully meeting challenges and dealing with emergencies and problematic issues. You can then be sure that your health care centre will be running smoothly without any glitches and any issue will be optimally dealt with at their level without coming to you for solutions. You will thus have more time to focus on your specialised work and core activities.
  • Lead by example – You might be the top man at the health care centre but it will not pay you in the long run to stay encapsulated in your office throughout the day. Get involved with day to day activities and make your presence felt at core operational areas. You will thus be building positive relationships with your staff and have better communication channels opened with them. Once the people around you regardless of their profession feel comfortable in your presence, it will make them happy and by default translate into better patient care.

Imbibe these attributes in you and be on your way to becoming a successful health care administrator.